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Make your days better with Guilty Pleasures Radio! 100% Wrong, 200% Right, always surprising! Cheerful, happy, funny … also known as “Guilty Pleasures” music. The number 1 Guilty Pleasures Radio station for you.
Not tucked away somewhere for one hour, but 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Whenever you feel like it, at home, at work, in the store, in the mall, bus, tram, train, or car.

What are Guilty Pleasures?

The definition of Guilty Pleasures varies, but it is generally understood to mean music that should not be considered good music for some reason. But actually is! The term can have different meanings for everyone. It is impossible to define what Guilty Pleasures really are, and we totally agree with that ? (Source Wikipedia). After all, the word guilty says nothing about the quality of the product. It is “merely” an indication for a certain genre, just like disco, house or hard rock, and you either like it or you don’t. We previously also called this music middle of the road-, popcorn-, or bubblegum music. Every now and then, there are songs that are way too good to be called Guilty Pleasures.

But we play them anyway 🙂 we are guilty of that, too…

Many songs that are labelled as “Guilty” are Dutch, French, Italian, German, swinging disco and party songs. Relive the golden era of radio with music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s and from today’s hit parades with a touch of country. With Guilty Pleasures radio, you regularly immerse yourself in the period when you listened to music in midium-wave quality from the North Sea. Offshore radio via Radio Noordzee, Radio Veronica, Radio Caroline, Radio Mi Amigo, Laser 558 and Radio Monique 🙂 etc. All those hidden treasures you haven’t heard in ages are bound to come up on our station.

100% Wrong is 200% Right, be surprised!

With Guilty Pleasures Radio, you can hear, whether you like it or not, music from:
Madonna, Alicia Keys, Herve Villard, Marianne Rosenberg, Ottawan, Abba, Wham, Udo Jurgens, Dave, Smokie, Village People, Gibson Brothers, Britney Spears, Pussycat, Bellamy Brothers, Kool and the Gang, Nick Kamen, Clout, Jason Donovan, Julien Clerc, Culture Club, Tavares, Alcazar, La Bionda, Nicole, Whigfield, Queen, Boney M, Rubettes, Barry and Eileen, Chic, Baccara, Cindy und Bert, Baltimora, Plastic Bertrand, Helene Fisher, George Baker Selection, Nana Mouskouri, Pet Shop Boys, Goombay Dance Band, Vicky Leandros, Middle of the Road, Luisa Fernandez, Sandra, Kelly Family, Darts, Modern Talking, Kylie Minoque, Dollar, Sister Sledge, Lady GaGa, Showaddywaddy, Spargo, Patrick Juvet, Bruno Mars, Real Thing, Diana Ross, Brotherhood of Man, Steps, Korgis, Communards, KLUBBB3, Edith Piaff, Four Tops, Demis Roussos, Scissor Sister, Joe Dolan, Milly Vanilly a little bit Country and all Eurovision Songcontest songs.

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